Analytical Ultracentrifugation Conference

The Svedberg photo
The Svedberg


This conference on Analytical Ultracentrifugation is dedicated to Nobel Laureate The Svedberg (biography) at the 125th anniversary of his birth on August 30, 1884. The Svedberg is the father of the analytical ultracentrifuge, an invention that allowed the determination of particle size distributions of colloids, the determination of molecular weights of macromolecules and the proof that macromolecules exist. The ultracentrifuge helped to put The on his way to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1926 for his work on disperse systems. The pioneering work of Svedberg and his colleagues on colloids and macromolecular compounds laid the foundations for far-reaching progress in molecular biology, macromolecular chemistry and biochemistry as well as colloid science. The envisaged topics of this special conference try to follow The Svedberg’s broad range of scientific interests related to the Analytical Ultracentrifuge.

The conference will be opened by a number of two-day workshops on the best use of the analytical ultracentrifuge for different sample systems and evaluation of the results. These workshops will be given by the world leading experts on the workshop topics.

The actual conference will start with a historical day with presentations by prominent scientists and visits to The Svedberg’s Ultracentrifuge Museum and to The Svedberg Laboratory, and a two-day symposium with scientific sessions on current progress in analytical ultracentrifugation.

We are happy to host this conference in Uppsala, at the block of Chemistry, where The Svedberg made his pioneering work on ultracentrifugation and later in several other scientific fields like nuclear chemistry and radiation biology. Most welcome to Uppsala.

Curt Ekström, local contact
Helmut Cölfen, conference chairman